Copper (II) Sulfate also Cupric Sulfate / Copper Sulphate.

Other names; blue vitrol,bluestone

Inorganic compound

formula       | CuSO_4
Hill formula  | CuO_4S
name          | copper(II) sulfate
IUPAC name    | copper sulfate

Basic properties

molar mass     | 159.61 g/mol
phase          | solid (at STP)
melting point  | 200 °C
density        | 3.603 g/cm^3
vapor pressure | 7.299 mmHg


This salt exists as a series of compounds that differ in their degree of hydration.

  • The anhydrous salt is Greenish-white/Grayish-white in its pure form.White when dehydrated.
  • The most commonly used,Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate is blue (bright).



Soluble in methanol (1.1 g/100 ml), but insoluble in ethanol.(1.04 g/100 cc methanol @ 18 deg C.)

In water, 243 g/l @ 0 deg C. – 75.4 g/100 cc water @ 100 deg C.

Not flammable.

When heated to decomposition it emits toxic fumes of sulfur oxides.(650 deg C decomp to cupric oxide)